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In order to instill the value of hard work in our children, we have a staff that operate in our workshop. Students are able to choose a craft and are taught how to hand make and produce that craft for selling. We then sell those crafts to the public, especially visitors, and we use the money for the future of the project. Currently, they are limited as to what crafts they can make because they lack the resources and proper tools to do what they need to do.

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Another area of great need is securing a safe learning environment. As of now, about 75% of the school building is unable to be utilized because of the damage from the 2010 earthquake. We would like to see the current building either fixed or rebuilt if needed. 


CVC Health Care Center

This health care center aims to honor the extraordinary, philanthropic, and humanitarian work of Dr. Phillipe Greig and his family. Dr. Greig has dedicated his time, resources, and most importantly, his heart in both Africa and Haiti. He is the friend and mentor of CVC’s co-founder Maillard Magloire.

Healthcare is almost non-existent and unattainable for families in Haiti. In order to provide medical care to the children, staff, and community, this center is one of our top priorities. According to the World Health Organization, Haiti has the worst health indicator of the Americas: among those are the highest infant/maternal mortality malnutrition rates. We are witnesses to children dying from starvation in the middle of the 21st century. We are witness to preventable diseases such as Typhoid fever and malaria because of deplorable living conditions, lack of nutrition, and basic healthcare needs.

With this health care center, our dream is to also offer the opportunity for internships and job creation for a team of 9 young medical professionals. This center would provide a place for them to exercise their discipline with passion and love in service of their community.



After some field research, we were able to discern a great number of the female children in Haiti are given up by their biological family to a more economically stable family in order to feed  and provide access to basic care. Unfortunately, many of these children face extremely difficult and dangerous situations. They are sometimes raped, malnourished, abused, and have no chance to go to school because they are the driving force behind the household activities of the host family. When they reach their teenage years, they face the crisis of adolescence and many become either pregnant or are infected with various sexually transmitted diseases. For this reason, this project aims to provide them with a comprehensive framework to deal with these threats, which endangers 85% of young women in Haiti. (2.2%of the population is infected with HIV/AIDS the highest prevalence outside of Africa, and 50% of Haitians never go to school. Only 2% complete secondary education.)



It is our goal to provide at least one solid meal a day. Many of these children are malnourished and are lucky if they get a nutritious meal every other day. In order for these children to succeed and flourish in their education, they must have a healthy mind and body. Providing them with nutritious food will fuel them so that they can focus and work hard on their educational studies each day.


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