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A native of Grand'Anse in southwest Haiti, Maillard Magloire (Maya) comes from a Protestant family and the second born 5 children. After graduating high school in 2011, Maya moved to Port-au-Prince to begin his university studies. He began studying medicine so as not to displease his parents, but without vocation or success, eventually had to convince his parents that to succeed in life does not depend on his profession. This is when he felt called to change his career path to International Relations at Quisqueya University where he trained at the center of entrepreneurship and innovation with Professor Etzer Emile (CEI) and the (prouniq) with Myriam Legros. From an early age, Maya was passionate about living languages and literature. He taught himself how to speak both English and Spanish fluently. 

Maya works as an interpreter with many international organizations and has won numerous talent competitions in Haiti, organized by local and international institutions. The most recent was a national competition organized by Elan Haiti to promote Haiti. Maya was selected among 11 other winners and is currently a young ambassador of the department Grand 'Anse at the Network of Young Ambassadors of Haiti. He is a two-time recipient of the Best Young International participants at the International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research Studies held at George Washington University in the United States. In addition to these accomplishments, Magloire has also received several awards and honors for his accomplishments. For example, a certificate for being one of the most remarkable young people in his birthplace of Jérémie. He also received a certificate as a contributor and participant of the program for Haitian immigrants in December 2017 with the Organization ADIS HAITI.

Maya is very committed to making a difference in the lives of others. He continues to be a visionary and ideologue, with his main objective to contribute to the reconstruction of his country Haiti, especially the Haitian mentality and mindset. He is committed to promoting sustainable development through workshops, conferences, social media networks, or as an invited guest. Maillard’s dream is the emergence of a more just and equitable world.

James Bazin- Co-Founder

James Bazin was born in a Christian family and is the fourth of 7 kids to a single mother. Being a single and unemployed mother with 7 kids made growing up tough, but their mother was committed to James and his 6 siblings’ education. As a young boy, James went to church and was part of many youth activities where he would meet a number of missionaries from different churches and countries from around the world. He started developing a love for missions and felt called to this ministry. While he was still in school, he taught himself English little by little, and was eventually became fluent.  Soon after graduating high school, he joined the mission field, working for Praying Pelican Missions in Haiti as an assistant trip leader. He continued his Christian walk with Christ, growing in his faith. Eventually, James was promoted to trip leader with PPM. Because James believes in the reconstruction of his country, he strives to communicate that everyone has their part to play in making Haiti a better place to live. James aspired to go deeper with his passions and faith and is currently very active in youth activities within various communities and churches. James fights hard against the lack of education and mentorship young Haitians are facing. 

Sarah R. McMeekin- International Contact

Sarah was born and raised in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She grew up in a Christian home where her parents instilled strong values and work ethic. Both of her parents were teachers and so the importance of an education was something that was non-negotiable. Sarah received a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy from Seton Hill University in 2005. Following her undergraduate studies, she had a strong desire to travel. After traveling and living in Europe for a year, she returned home to continue her studies, eventually earning her Master of Arts in Elementary Education at Seton Hill University. 


After years of study and clinical work, Sarah was appointed as Assistant Professor of Music Therapy at the same university she studied. She taught and led with a strong desire for her students to experience the world through the eyes of Christ. Throughout her tenure, she has been able to lead many groups on short-term mission trips. After each trip, Sarah would return feeling called to do more. Her mindset began to change after researching the effectiveness of short term mission trips and she began to understand the many definitions of poverty. It was Sarah’s desire to form a more long-term relationship with the people that she was serving and not just a one week stay. Sarah remained in prayer about what God was asking her to do. It wasn’t until her trip to Haiti that God solidified that this was where she was meant to serve. She believes that equipping people to effectively help the poor requires repentance and realization of our own brokenness. A path forward is found by walking with them in humble relationships and not just providing resources. A piece of her heart belongs to the country of Haiti, especially the children. Her prayer is that their sustainable efforts will give hope and a future by offering a solid, Christian education. By doing this, these children can be vessels of change in their communities and maybe even the world. 


Matthew 28:19-20, The Great Commission: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Diana Rose Jean-Philippe Director of Teachers

 Diana Rose Jean-Philippe is the daughter of the founder of the Institution Mixte Jean-Philippe Adelson. She was born in Port-au-Prince into a Christian family. After finishing secondary school at The Christian Academy and her high school education at College Bird, Diana continued her studies and love for education as an undergraduate student of education science at the Université Lumière in Carrefour, Haiti.

Diana is very passionate about children's education. At the age of fifteen, she was a volunteer at the Secretary of State (SEA), where she was a literacy instructor for the elderly with the support of the government. In 2014, she worked with Compassion International project HA-353 with 17-year-old teens. In 2013, Diana joined the CVC team as a pedagogical director and teacher.

It is no wonder that Diana is such a strong leader in her community. She follows the footsteps of both her mother and father. She is an extremely important and wonderful asset to this program and much of what goes on would not be possible without the efforts of Diana and her leadership.

Adelson Jean-Philippe Technical Advisor

Founder of  Institution Mixte Jean-Phillippe Adelson

Born in Terre Neuve (Gonaïves  Haiti) on July 26, 1962, he is the last born of his family. At a very early age, Mr. Adelson lost his mother and later, his dad. The disappearance of his parents made his childhood difficult. He was unable to go to school because of a lack of financial means. He spent a good part of his childhood in the field of agriculture to provide for his daily needs and survival.

In 1973, under the request of his oldest  sister, he had to leave Terre Neuve and return in the city of Gonaïves where he would begin kindergarten. Then in 1988, Mr. Adelson came to Port-au-Prince to start a professional career. He was trained in mechanics and some years later made a career in karate, a discipline he has won numerous national titles. Thus, in 1992 he joined the National Police of Haiti as a teacher of self-defense. Mr. Adelson has worked with many international organizations in the humanitarian field including World Vision where, in 2000, he was appointed a communal supervisor. Later he created his own organization called Compassion for the Poor and the Orphans of Haiti (COPH), to help the poorest people in his community. Eventually, Mr. Adelson founded Institution Mixte Jean-Philippe Adelson, a school he created in memory of his painful childhood. His dream is to provide to the children of the community access to the education that he had been deprived of during his childhood.  Institution Mixte Jean-Philippe Adelson is the first school working in partnership with CVC and we could not be more thrilled to begin this journey with their team.

Rodne Jean-Louis Logistics Manager

Rodne is the Logistics Manager of CVC. He was born in Jacmel in southeast Haiti. He is second born in a family of eight children. Due to family difficulties, Rodne joined his godmother in Port-au-Prince to continue with his classical studies. After completing his classical studies, Rodne attended Carrefour Polyvalent Center, where he learned auto mechanics and computer science. This allowed him to have an extraordinary track record in the field of transport in Haiti. His professional experiences include:

• Currently employed as a Freight Transport Driver in Port-au-Prince, Grand'Anse, Sud’est, Artibonite

• 2018-2109 he was employed as a Vegetable Delivery Driver at accredited embassies in Haiti.

• 2015-2016 received training in mechanics at Auti Multi-tec

• 2013-2017 was employed as a school bus driver in Carrefour, Bourdon, and Turgeau

Rodne joins the CVC with a passion and heart for people. He is often quiet but has a smile that can light up the room. Rodne is a servant of God and he exhibits the light of Christ is all that he does.

Marie Margaret Clermont Manager of Human Resources

Chef and both responsible for human resources

Marie Margaret was born in Port-au-Prince and is married to Mr. Jean-Philippe Adelson. Together they have six children, one of which is head teacher, Diana. Since her childhood, she has always loved working with the children of her community. She loves to help them discover their talents gifts. She has spent a good part of her life volunteering with her husband through community activities, leadership, and personal development programs. Marie Margaret has been working since the creation of Institution Mixte Jean-Philippe Adelson in partnership with CVC as Head Chef and Head of Human Resources. She is a follow of Christ and continually gives of her time and efforts to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of the children are of utmost importance. She is a blessing to all she encounters.

Maillard Magloire- Co-Founder

Children's Vision Center

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