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IMPORTANT : Please click on the picture of the child to support, then enter his / her full name as the subject line of the message.

These children don't have a sponsor yet :

Choudenia Clermont

First name:  Choudenia

Last Name: Clermont

Age: 4 yo

Grade: Pre-K2


Born on March 15, 2016

in Port- au -Prince

She lives with her mother Choudeline Deslien, a shopkeeper and her father Reginald Clermont, an electrician.

Her dream is to be a judge in order to defend the law of her country fairly. There are 4 in the family.

She does the major section.

Clermont Choudenia.jpg

Jorvens Jean Noel

First name:  Jorvens

Last Name: Jean Noel

Age: 10 yo

Grade: 3rd grade


Jean Noel Jorvens Born September 3, 2010 His father is Jean Noel Joel, a driver and his mother is St Lomène Virgile He would like to be a police officer in order to protect and serve the people of his country. He is in his 3rd fundamental year.

Jean Noel Jorvens.jpg

St-Cyr  Tarmika

First name:  Tarmika

Last Name: St-Cyr

Age: 6 yo

Grade: 1st grade


St Cyr Tarmika

Born on July 15, 2014 in Île à vache plage. She is the daughter of Pierre Armand St Cyr trader and Sophia Felix.

She is an only child.

She wishes to be a chemist on the medical level to develop reliable chemical compositions and to have a laboratory to reduce the prices in order to be accessible to all. She is in her first fundamental year.

St-Cyr Tarmika.jpg

Emmanuel Desire

First name:  Emmanuel

Last Name: Desire

Age: 9 yo


Emmanuel Desire
Born on October 29, 2011

in Port- au -Prince.
He lives with his mother Emirliene Léo who is a seamstress and his father Fréderic Désir.
When he grows up he would like to be an accountant in order to manage and control the company he works for.

Emmanuel Desire.jpg

Djoulie  Theodor

First name:  Djoulie

Last Name: Theodor

Age: 6 yo

Grade: 1st grade


Theodor Djoulie
Born on August 9, 2014

in Port-au -prince. Daughter of Olson Magalte Theodor who is an electrician and Marie Bianca Hilaire who is a
Her goal is to be a laboratory assistant. Her dream is to have a laboratory to help the health of
her community and to help support her family. She is in her 1st fundamental year.

Theodor Djoulie.jpg

Archange Pierre Louis

First name:  Archange

Last Name: Pierre Louis

Age: 15 yo

Grade: 5th grade


Pierre Louis Archange
Born October 15, 2005
He lives with his mother Pierre louis Marie Myria and his father Pierre Louis Jean Bernard who is a mechanic. His dream is to become a computer scientist.

Pierre Louis Archange.jpg

Sylface Anderson

First name:  Anderson

Last Name: Sylface

Age: 7 yo

Grade: 1st grade


Sylface Anderson Born on December 1, 2013 in Leogane. He lives with his father Sylface Rossely, a police officer and mother Boncy Marie Enithe. His dream is to become an agronomist because he wants to review the relaunch of his country's agriculture so that he can help the economy. He is in his first fundamental year.


Those who already have a sponsor

Biemby Samedi

First name:  Biemby

Last Name: Samedi

Age: 13 yo

Grade: 3rd grade


Biemby is a smart boy who lives with his unemployed mother, father, and 4 siblings. His dream is to graduate high school and go to college to become an engineer. He displays a hardworking attitude  and is willing to do whatever it takes in school to make it happen.



Yvenson Bolivar

First name: Yvenson

Last name: Bolivar

Age: 8 yo

Grade: 3rd


Yvenson is currently living with his mother and father who are making a living by selling on the streets, but they don’t make enough to pay for his school. Yvenson dreams of becoming a doctor after he graduate but fears that he won’t be able to finish school because of his parents’ lack of financial resources.



Doodjina Faustin

First Name: Doodjina

Last Name: Faustin

Age: 10 yo

Grade: 4th grade


Doodjina is a very bright, energetic young girl. She lives with her single, unemployed mother. Because of a lack of financial resources, it has made attending school a struggle. It is her dream to attend medical school after graduating high school to become a doctor.



Lovensky Clermont

First name: Lovensky

Last name: Clermont

Grade: 5th

Age: 12 yo


Lovensky is a bright student who is living with his dad. His Dad Works as a security guard to make a living, but with what he makes he cannot afford to pay for lovensky’s schooling. Lovensky’s dream is to become a lawyer after he graduates.



Nephtalie Samedi

First Name: Nephtalie

Last Name: Samedi

Age: 9 yo

Grade: 4th grade


Nephtalie is one the top students in her class, but going to school is always a struggle. She lives with her unemployed mother who cannot afford to send her to school. Doodjina loves school and when she is able to attend, she says it makes her feel happy and that she is no less than the other children.



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