CVC - The Fight Against Malnutrition in Jeremie

The current food security of Jeremie sits at the CRISIS level.  Hurricane Matthew’s effects from 2016 are still being felt in Grand’anse department where 100% of the community was affected.  The children of Jeremie are facing increased hunger, disease and malnutrition due to lack of funding, current climate conditions, rapid inflation and political unrest.  CVC’s goal and vision is to provide a quality education to all the children of Jeremie.  Through education we can eradicate poverty.  This starts with nutrition so they are able to focus and concentrate on the teachings.  In a current survey sample in the communal sections more than 20% of these children die because their parents do not have economic means to come to town to get the support they need.  Also 45% of the parents are afraid to come to a health center because they fear shaming due to their malnourished children. Adequate nutrition is one of the most important factors influencing growth and immunity.

The Fight Against COVID-19

With the help of some gracious donors, the CVC family was able to provide some of our families with the necessary supplies to help fight against the COVID-19 virus. Haiti is only now reaching the peak of the pandemic. We ask that you continue to be in prayer for the people of Haiti. As many other places are beginning to return to some normalcy, Haiti is an extremely vulnerable place when diseases such as COVID-19 strike. We serve a powerful God and know that His protection blankets and envelops these beautiful people. Stay tuned for other projects and ways that you can get involved!

We would like to start by expressing our heartfelt thanks to you dear CVC family for your continuous  support. In fact,  we are still operating because of your generous donations and we are grateful.


July 14, and 17 were respectively the founders birthday, Maillard an James. In the spirit of celebrating their birthday,  they took over a great task of gathering donations for people in hospitals and prisons in a remote village in Jérémie.


As we don't yet own a car, we had to rent one to facilitate our distribution.


As we were on our way to Jeremie,  we got into a bad car accident . Fortunately all 5 passengers survived with only minor injuries. This resulted in some medical bills and of course, having to pay the insurance deductible for the car which was totaled in the accident.


As an org, we are very dedicated to our community. We have helped with  sending kids to school, providing for families basic needs and so much more. We want to continue serving our people but for now, we are seeking your help to pay the $6k needed for the car.


Please do not under estimate your assistance, every little bit counts. If you would like to make a donation, please do so using the button below : 


Our community need us and we need you, together we will make it!


With much gratitude




How to help

First, and foremost, Children’s Vision Center covets your prayers. Without God, none of this would be possible. If you feel God is calling you to help us, there are a few different ways that you can do so. First, you can continue to pray for all of us. This includes the children, staff, teachers, and us as we seek the will of God in an effort to provide these children with a brighter future. Secondly, you can volunteer. The CVC always welcomes anyone who would like to come and work with the children and staff of the school. There are many projects that we have for the future that may be of interest to you or your group. Lastly, you can help us financially. If God has called you to make a donation or be part of our sponsorship program, we would welcome any amount that you feel led to give.




Workshop of Craft

​Students are able to choose a craft and are taught how to hand make and produce that craft for selling. We then sell those crafts to the public, especially visitors, and we use the money for the future of the project. 

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